VFR Appalachia by Pacific Islands Simulation

Project name: VFR Appalachia
Simulation platform: MS FSX only
Developer: Pacific Islands Simulation
License: Payware
Release date: 2009 Specify.
Project home page: http://www.islandsim.com/vfr-appalachia.html
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Airports included: 1. KFRR | 2. 8W2 | 3. MD99 | 4. 7SP | 5. PA88 | 6. KHSP |
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VFR Appalachia is first in our series of highly detailed east coast USA airports meant for pilots who prefer to fly the mid-Atlantic region. As the product title suggests, our aim was to recreate real-world airports in FSX for those who prefer low and slow short hops between airports. The eight airports in this series were developed from our on-site visits and birds-eye-view shots from our pilot - Jay, so what is rendered in FSX is what was captured realistically from real-world.

VFR Appalachia comprises:
Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport/Shepherd Field (KMRB), West Virginia
Cheat River (WV31), West Virginia
Front Royal (KFRR), Virginia
New Market (8W2), Virginia
Moran Field (MD99), Maryland
Seven Springs Borough (7SP), Pennsylvania
Nemacolin Resort (PA88), Pennsylvania
Ingalls Field (KHSP), Virginia

Except for Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport (KMRB) which has a newly commissioned 9000ft runway and military apron/tarmac area, all others have anywhere from 2600 to over 5,600ft runways capable of handling sport and light singles to medium multiengine aircraft. From the eight, three airports - WV31, MD99, and 7SP - are either decommissioned or are in the process of being decommissioned for some reason or other. WV31 for example, does not exist anymore, however the field's outline can still be seen from Google satellite pictures. Although the three airports are non-active in the real-world, we thought it prudent to reflect them, not only for tribute sake, but for their distinct locations and peculiar challenges they present. MD99 and 7SP are renowned for stiff wind gusts, unpredictable cross-wind deviations and sporadic microburst because both are located on plateaus at over 2000ft. WV31 on the other hand, has challenging approaches from either airport runway directions due to mountain ranges and hills on both sides of approach, including man-made obstacles, which keeps the pilot extraordinarily vigilant during approach. Not to mention hazardous fog at different phases of the day which can be fatally unforgiving during approach or whenever flying below established minimum standards in the Cheat River valley area.

30/15cm photoreal ground poly/textures
custom runway/apron ground poly.
voluminous 3d grass
multitude of custom 3d objects (eye candies) pertinent and regional to each airport. What you see in the sim is based on actual photographs from our on-site visits/photographs.
landclass/waterclass seasonal textures with added/readjusted custom coloration typical of east coast region's 4 seasons
night textures and lighting effects
airport charts with facilities directory where applicable
sounds/nature ambience
and more...

All airports are compatible with following 3rd party addons (where applicable):
FSGenesis USA/World 76m mesh
LCSim's WV 4m mesh
Any other 76m mesh freeware or payware
MyTraffic X and default AI Traffic
Tileproxy photoreal landclass


VFR Appalachia was developed on a high-end system but tested in low to medium-end system using both WinXP, Vista and Win7 platforms with medium to high-end graphic cards. Specific requirements include:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 10 (FSX)
Windows XP (SP2, SP3), Windows VISTA (32/64bit), Win7 (32/64bit)
Pentium IV 2.6 GHz (2GHz Duo2Core Intel or equivalent and above advised)
1 GB RAM and above
256 Mb DirectX 9 graphics card (512 Mb or higher recommended)
Adobe Acrobat® Reader 6 minimal to read and print manual.
1 GB of disk space (over 600 MB software file size)

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  • Review link: http://www.avsim.com/pages/0311/PIS/Appalachia.html

    "VFR Appalachia is an excellent value at $27.50 USD.   Eight highly detailed airports and surrounding areas are included.   I consider this a must buy if you are a virtual pilot who lives is this area of the United States.   Even if you do not live near these airports, this scenery package offers something for all virtual aviators"

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