Catalina Island X by OshkoshSim

Project name: Catalina Island X
Simulation platform: MS FSX only
Developer: OshkoshSim
License: Payware
Release date: February 2011
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OshkoshSim presents the new Catalina Island X, the long awaited FSX edition of our Avalon Island Catalina Airport! Catalina Island X is a brand new scenery, bringing you the ultimate experience of this wonderful airport.

Catalina Airport (IATA: CIB, ICAO: KAVX, FAA LID: AVX) is a privately-owned airport located six miles northwest of the central business district of Avalon, California (and just 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles) in the middle of Catalina Island. The airport is open to the public and allows general aviation aircraft to land there. The airport is primarily used for general aviation. The airport is also used for airfreight from the mainland. Supplies for the island are delivered via Douglas DC-3 aircraft daily. It is also known as the Airport in the Sky due to the fact it lies near the island’s highest point at an elevation of 1,602 ft (488 m). All roads to the airport from the island’s population centers climb steeply upward.

Catalina Airport is no doubt one of the trickiest airports in the United States. Sitting on top of a mountain ridge, it presents challenges even for experienced pilots. And being located just off the coast of California, it is an airport where every Californian PPL student ends up sooner or later. Now it’s your chance to practice your approach and landing skills in this marvelous airport!

This scenery features:
High resolution photoreal scenery of the whole Catalina Island.
Detailed shorelines, numerous lakes, as well as residential areas.

Highly detailed representation of Catalina Airport, including:
Hi-res runway, taxiways, apron.
Realistic and detailed runway and taxiway markings.
Authentic buildings and structures.
Detailed segmented circle (laid out with oil barrels, just like in the real Catalina Airport).
A tetrahedron inside the segmented circle pointing in the direction of wind, along with a wind sock.
Realistic single-light VASI (Visual Approach Slope Indication light), Catalina Airport trademark for any Californian PPL student or pilot.
Non-Standard runway edge lights are available for emergency use only (as the airport is open during daytime only), and for sake of realism are pilot-controlled. Please refer to user manual for operating instructions.

And much more!

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