NL2000 v4 by NL2000

Project name: NL2000 v4
Simulation platform: MS FSX only
Developer: NL2000
License: Freeware
Release date: May 2010
Project home page: Netherlands 2000
Project support: NL2000 support forum
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Airports included: 1. EHHO | 2. EHTX | 3. EHAL | 4. EHBD | 5. EHBK | 6. EHDR | 7. EHEH | 8. EHGG | 9. EHHV | 10. EHKD | 11. EHLE | 12. EHLW | 13. EHMZ | 14. EHNP | 15. EHRD | 16. EHSB | 17. EHSE | 18. EHTE | 19. EHTW | 20. EHVB | 21. EHVK |
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Version 4.0 of the Netherlands 2000 scenery covers the entire Netherlands for FSX. It include photo scenery at 1  meter resolution and most of the airports iof the country. Compared to previous versions the biggest changes in version 4.0 are:

  • More recent and realistic aerial imagery.
  • More realistic water by employing the FSX techniques. Try to make a flight over the Wadden islands.
  • Trees and forests placed with autogen to blend more realistic into the environment and perform better.
  • Most airports have been adapted to the possibilities of FSX and the airports of Rotterdam (EHRD) and Eindhoven (EHEH) have even been rebuilt from scratch with stunning results.
  • The military airports now also have a photo realistic ground layout and for some military airports we offer a choice between an active and a non-active version.
  • Many additional objects are in place to make your VFR flights more interesting, for example wind turbine parks and high voltage pylons. All these objects have been converted for optimal performance in FSX.
  • Modular installation: only install the parts you want to use.

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