Cuzco X by Aerosoft

Project name: Cuzco X
Simulation platform: MS FSX only
Developer: Aerosoft
License: Payware
Release date: 2010 Specify.
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Product description:

Aeropuerto Alejandro Velasco Astete, also known as "Cuzco airport" is well known as one of the most chellenging airports in the world. Just go to YouTube and you will find enough video`s to proof that point. 

There are three main reasons, for starters it is located in a narrow valley with peaks towering over 2000 feet on both sides. Second, the main approach is a complex circle approach that gets you close to mountains a few times. Lastly the airport is located at 10.800 feet in a climate where temperatures soar to three digits (or >30 Celsius) often in summer. Density altitude becomes a main problem under those conditions. To make matters worse, the airport is not very well equipped and the runway and taxiways are uneven and build on sloping terrain. That’s why only pilots with a special training are allowed to land there. Of course in FSX its possible for everybody.

In FSX this airport is challenging and entertaining, it allows simpilots to do procedures that are not standard. It is in fact difficult, in our HQ we all flown this airports and all of us managed to crash at least one time. Just flying a simple circuit in a Cessna 182 means forgetting a lot of what is normal at other airports, in fact even STARTING some aircraft is difficult at this altitude!

  • Custom terrain, landclass and LOD11 mesh of Cuzco and surroundings (reaching to the famous Inka site Machu Picchu) 
  • Custom landclass textures and seasons 
  • Cuzco scenery with city, landmarks and airport 
  • Extremely dense and realistic autogen buildings (typical ochre roofs) 
  • Custom aerial image with night effects 
  • Special sloped runway for highest possible realism 
  • AI aircraft and airport vehicles * 
  • Circle approach mission (including audio) 
  • Very easy on frame rates 
  • Manual contains chapters about high altitude operations 
  • Simple installation (without DRM) 
  • Owners of Cuzco X get 50% discount on the Flight Calculator (very useful to calculate how the altitude affects your aircraft performance). Just enter the serial key of Cuzco X during the order process.

* Due to the runway slope and FSX limitations no AI takeoffs or landings are possible at this moment (except in missions).

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